Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth usually grow in a haphazard manner and get pressed against nearby teeth. This sideways growth keeps them from finding their right place in your mouth which is usually the reason for extraction. Not removing impacted wisdom teeth typically leads to sinus infections and crooked teeth. If you have wisdom teeth impacting your other teeth then you would be wise to have them removed quickly.

Symptoms of misaligned wisdom teeth include pain, swelling of the gum at the back of the mouth and infections. These are all signs that the wisdom teeth are crowning however they have yet to become impacted. If such symptoms are showing then removing your wisdom teeth immediately is recommended before the other teeth become damaged.

The second molars suffer the most when wisdom teeth grow in and become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth fall into one of four categories. The most common one is mesioangular impaction where the wisdom tooth grows at an acute angle rather than straight up. Vertical impaction is when the wisdom tooth cannot emerge completely from the gum line and affects close to 40% of adults. Distoangular impaction is similar to mesioangular impaction however the tooth grows backwards and horizontal impaction is when the wisdom tooth is growing at a 90 degree angle sideways.

Encino Dental Smiles will make sure that your wisdom teeth extraction procedure is as painless as possible with the quickest recovery.